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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


during my semester break, I need to concentrate on my muet..
arrggghhh, it was so frustrating.. but I hope that I will do my best..
last week, I've done with my speaking muet test..
alhamdulillah, everything runs smoothly.. some words just burst out from my mouth as my points for the question.. I don't know how was it happen..?!? haha

actually muet is not that hard, maybe we felt like that because we rarely speaks in english..

this is what I did ;
*don't feel bad about your broken english because there is no such thing english words just burst out from your mouth without practicing it.. right??

I'm gonna face my writing, reading and listening test on 13 nov..
hurmm.. I didn't study that much but I tend to learn some grammar for my writing..
and I did some questions just for a preparation for my reading test..

I hope that my friends and I will do our best..

to all my friends;
GOOD LUCK ..!! give your best shot okay.. =)

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