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Thursday, October 21, 2010

who are you in future???

salam.. today, i would like to share my thought about ambition..
when i asked some people, what is their ambition, they replied, "owh, i don't know what to be in future..! what do you think suits me..??"
you're kidding me my dear, how should other people know what suits you..??
you, yourself should know better what is your interest right..??

hurmm.. by the time you are in university, you should already have a goal to reach out..
as for me, i found my interest which is in medic.. i know some people might say this is a cliche words.. but i don't mind.. actually career as a doctor is not about glamour or higher pay but this is all about the courage to help other people who are in need.. it also teach me about patience..

by the time i found out about my interest in medic, i try to get more into it..
which means, i did a lot of things that has something to do with medic such as watching medical tv programmes, read some professional doctors books and etc..

actually, what i really meant here was it is crucial for you to have a goal in life so that you will always do your best in your studies.. as for me, i try to work hard in order to achieve my dream..

therefore, find your way dear, find your true interest.. on your journey, you will at last found your trueself..

anyway, wish me luck.. i hope my dream will come true.. amin..
good luck to you too.. =) fighting..!! hehe

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