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Thursday, January 3, 2013


Salam.. Hyeeee~~

I've been quite busy these few days back.. Wanna see what I'm doing recently??
These :

Ouhhh.. what a mess..!

Taraaaa.. this is better I guess.. ngehee~

Few days back, I'm having my exam and that's why I didn't have much time blogging.. huahua..
I'm having my cardiovascular neuropsychiatry exam.. erkk..

If I'm getting congested after few hours study, this is what I did ;

Nasi planta with chicken curry... ^^

Yummy lunch..! 
Eat.. eat.. and keep on eating..! Luckily I'm still able to maintain my ideal body weight.. kihkih.. :P

Well, nothing much to share.. Next week, I'm gonna have dinner with Malaysian students community here in Makassar.. I'll upload the pictures okayy..!

Till then, take care dear sisters n brothers~
Adiosss.. Ngeheeeee.. :)


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