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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fashion for hijabis..!

Assalamualaikum.. :D
Hye sisters.!

Well I guess y'all had already aware bout this issue..
First of all, praise be to Allah, Alhamdulillah.. due to this phenomena, hijab was brought into world fashion and gain respect..

At my very own opinion, fashion with hijab is okay but just remember, and not to forget the real reason why we wear hijab. *no offense*

As long as 'menutup aurat', then fine with whatever style you want to wear it.. I know some people might say that there's a few ways of wearing hijab doesn't suit our Islamic style. Just like I said before, as long as you fulfill the guideline, then fine..

I've tried some kind of hijab's fashion and it's great.. We've known a lot of popular hijabis nowadays like Hana Tajima, Dian Pelangi, Yuna, and a lot more..!

I love pastel's color clothes, long skirts, blouses and etc.. Hahaa.. Well, I'm still new to this, kinda like trying something new..
But I have some sort of problem in blending the colors.. Huahua..

But don't worry, with internet, everything is possible.. You can look out for online tutorials and all..

Nowadays, lot of boutiques were producing and designing outfit for muslimah.. I love their dresses..!
So sweet and look decent..! :D


So sweet.. Can I have a set of this??  ^^

nice dress!

Skirtsssss~ ^^

Sometimes, I did surveyed on new fashion and clothes online and it's a lot more cheaper okay..!
Example, honey-pumpkin, the pop-look, and a lot more..

For hijabis out there that loves fashion so much, come and give it a try..!
You gonna be satisfied!

"But always remember, don't overdo it, make sure we cover ourselves fully which follow and fulfill our own Islamic guideline. InsyaAllah, you'll be blessed.."

Have a good day..! :)


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