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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Let's look up..!

Salam n hye..!
How's life? Great?
Today is going to be the first day of being far away..!

Well, we're still gonna look up on the same sky, stars and moon.. that actually means that we're not that far.. ahah..

We're not far because I've always remember you in my prayers.. :)
Do remember, as long as we're never forget and we remember each other in prayers, we're not that far..
Time can actually makes people think, act and change to be a better one.. Some people just need their own time for some resolution..

Whenever I got some problems, people look at me as if I'm avoiding them but actually it doesn't mean that way.. Like I said, sometimes we just need our own time and space.. :)

Same goes to in a relationship.. Time of being alone or apart can make you think better and get matured. You will learn to appreciate the one you care or love while being apart.. This might also be an opportunity to test your feelings..

Every single thing in this world belongs to HIM.. So raise your hands and pray..!
"Ya Allah, please protect those people that I loved so much while we're being apart and far away from each other especially my family.." :)

May Allah blessed those people in my life.. :)

Nurulain Putra

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