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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Great things in medic field..

Haloooooooooooo world..!
Ahah.. See the title? great thingsssss..

It's nothing much actually.. I just wanna show you this :

Intravenous ringer lactate solution..

Can you see the blood coming out?

Taraaaaaaaaa.. I pull this thing out myself..!

Well, not everyone can do this.. This is my first time though to be able to bring home the IV drip and take it out myself..! It's awesome.. I pull the needle tube myself, just like in the movie.. hahaha..

When you decide to join medic field, in future there are things that you can do beyond and more than other people. So my advice to medic students, don't get yourself stress with medic. Actually, medic is something that gives you chance to explore your own body and other humans body.

Find something that can make you feel good and go try out something new. Don't bother about people saying, medic is hard, medic is killing you or whatsoever..

Because in the end those people will keep on coming to you for your help, treatment and etc. At that particular moment, show em' that medic was not that bad for you.. :)

To all medic students, remember that your help will actually lessen the burden of other people.. Allah can see what you're doing and HE will grant you with goodness, InsyaAllah.. May you all be blessed dear friends..

Chaiyo..! :D


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