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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Miracles vs Reality..

Hey y'all..!
How are you? Hope y'all be just fine.. :)

Owh, well.. My entry this time sounds soooo *dramatic*..! hohoo
It's true what?? People always have some sort of problem in having thoughts..
Now, I would like to clarify things..

In some matter, you just have to accept the fact and be in reality .. But in some situation it's okay to feel like *miracles* happened to you ..
Example please??

haha.. Okay, just imagine, if you like someone, that person came to you, you feel like that person someone who meant to be.. So which one would you choose, keep on believing that person is yours or be in reality, it might be a 'yes' or a 'no'...

It's okay to have positive thoughts sometimes because it can encourage you to be better but, remember don't let the hope kills you when it fails to fulfill your dreams..!

Hopes and Dreams is like a shooter in your life which eventually brings you further..! :)

Another example, you hope people understands you and accept whatever s**t you've been doing.. But please come back and live in reality.. In front of you, people might be the nicest person on earth but behind your back, anything can happen..!

So do you get what I mean??

Me, myself do have hopes but sometimes if it's look like it will never work, I'll just go back into the reality again.. But bear in mind, *miracles* do exist because as we live, Allah is the one who decides everything.. With HIS will, anything can happen. Don't misunderstood or misjudge.. What I'm trying to tell you is just prepare for anything that may come to your life in future whether it's a good thing or vice versa.. :)

Nurulain Putra

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