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Thursday, December 20, 2012


Hey peeps..! Wassup dude..!
Heheh :D

Today, I'd finished my final theory exam for neuropsychiatry block.. weeehoooooo~
So, let's have some fun dear frenzzzzz!!
haha.. But I already have lot of things to do..

Sometimes, I just love to get myself busy with works, association, hobbies and stuffs. I'm not the-goyang-kaki type of person..! Having my time full with activities makes me feel productive..!

Who said at my age we have to be cool and chill spending the time and wasting money???
To me, that was soooooooooo wrong..! owh plisshhhhh... Have you ever heard, "anak muda adalah aset kepada bangsa dan negara"..?? So, prove it!

I'd listed out my plans for my present and future life.. Get some courage to build myself up with everything before facing the real world after finished my study..

I suggest to you all, go and plan your life then put up your mission and vision of life so that when you grow older, you'll never live in regret..!

Till then, Good Luck dear brothers and sisters..! :D


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