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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Just a little reminder..

Salam.. Hyeee~~

Lately, I've been thinking a lot.. again, A LOT..!
I also wasn't that sure what I've been thinking about..
Maybe just because I'm too busy with exams, hobbies, this and that so my mind kind of blown away sometimes..
nahhh.. forget it..

I just wanna share this with you all.. I told this to someone before :

" things come and go, people come and go. it's just that everything depends on ourselves how to keep 'em with us.. either always be together, sweet memories and etc.."

As for me, I chose to keep 'em with me, always.. and always.. even in my prayers.. because I wouldn't know how much time will be given to me to explore this life and be with those people that used to teach me 'What is life' all about..
But as we all know, we are not capable of putting everything in place because without Allah's will, we are nothing..

"Fate is fate..!"

So at the very least, let's just keep on pray and pray..

"You come and go.. And I will never know how it will be. But one thing for sure, the memories will stay.. and always stay....."

"Choice was made at our own risk..! So bear with it.."

Sincerely ;

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