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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Musician especially drummers..!

Salam and hye peeps..! :)

Today,  I would like to introduce one music percussion for musician out there or maybe for anyone who plays music percussion for hobby..

Have you heard about Cajon Drum..?? It looks like this :

Cajon Drum is played by slapping the front face of it with the palm of your hands. Every single surface on this cajon where your palm hit onto would produce different tune of sound. This is the uniqueness of this Cajon Drum. Normally, this percussion are popular among the drummers. This Cajon Drum preferable because it is easy to-carry and does not need much space. Just imagine if you need to go for a practice or jamming, it would be ridiculous to bring the whole big drum set isn't it? 

This is the front view..

View from the back..

Nowadays, cajon came in a lot of colors and designs to suit your taste..! Well, do visit this website : naharcraftdesign.yolasite.com for more sample and info..

Since young people nowadays love to get involve in music, indie band, jamming and etc, I guess, it's cool to try something new like this.. :D I've already have one for myself.. eheheeee..

Have  fun peeps..! tataaaaaa~


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