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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Love is happiness or love is a pain?

I can't sleep right now so I decided to write something tonight..

Just now, I finished read a book title, "Istikharah Cinta" by Ummu Anas..
Oh well, it's from my friend. The title sounds sooo 'gempak' and makes me excited to read the book.

This is it..!
The writer said that this book written to inspire women. The book taught me on how are we going to manage 'love'. Love is a good thing when it can lead you to good deeds, love is bad when it lead you to darkness and sin.

Don't ever let yourself drown with your lust..!
'Cinta itu fitrah, terpulang pada kita untuk menentukan alirannya.'

A good and great love will come into a pure heart.. Love can make you grow stronger, be closer to Allah and encourage you to be better... But how??

First, love Allah, your creator. HE's the one who should be your priority in love. When you love Allah, the right person will come into your life and love you.

I understand at some moment, a woman feels lonely and they need someone to be with. Loving and to be loved were human nature.. Always and always..
Have you ever wonder, love is a test?
In my personal opinion, love is a TEST. To test your faith actually.

Most of us nowadays, prone to have a partner (in short; couple, having bf or gf).. Have you ever wonder or take some time to think bout what you gonna do with that kind of relationship? Are you sure enough that you gonna marry your partner? Have you ever did your 'Istikharah'?

I only wished for one thing, if I meant to fall in love with a guy, I wished that Allah will protect us. I want us to be blessed and granted with an everlasting love till Jannah. InsyaAllah.. :')

But before I could wish for a great love, I have to be great towards Allah and my family..
And always remember this, "redha ibubapa adalah redha Allah"..

To women out there, you don't have to rush in finding your partner or love because love was always there surrounding you because Allah is always there for you... :) Allah will bring the right person to you at the right time and the right situation..

Till then, enjoy your life with blessing ladiesss..


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