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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Trans Studio Makassar..

Salam n hye dear readers..!
How do you feel today? It's weekend yaww..! :D

Where to go? Well, here in Makassar, there's a place called Trans Studio..! If I'm not mistaken there's one too in Bandung..
It's like a theme park, to be specific, indoor theme park.. There's a Safari Park, Spooky house, Roller coaster and a lot more..!

Let's see some pictures..


Just arrived..

Can you see that.. 'TRANS STUDIO'

Along the way..


Comel isn't it?? muahahaaa..

Burger please..!! :D

I'm the model..! ;P

Can you see the slide?? 

With the 'pari-pari'.. haha

Indoor city..

We're the F1 models.. Have we met?? hehe

It's colorful yaww..!

There's a lot more but I'll save it to surprise you all.. So come and visit, experience it yourself..
Till then, tataaaaaaaaa~


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