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Monday, December 24, 2012

My life in Makassar..

Hye brothers and sisters..!
Well today and tomorrow, I'm on holidays..!! yippiee~

Sometimes after all the hectic days that I've been through, it feels great to have a holiday even only for one day.. But as for me, sometimes my weekends will be full with society activities or maybe outdoor activities.

On my weekdays, here in Makassar, we started our class at 8 am mostly and finished at 3 or 4.30 pm. Depends on block/system we're learning at that time. If the system includes many labs and clinical skill lab also tutorials (problem based learning), we will end our day in faculty quite late. Normally each system will takes a month to finish. At every end of a system, there will be an exam.

Here, we have three exam stages, first, the final theory, then the remedial, third, Ujian Akhir Semester for anyone who failed to achieve good marks on remedial exam.

Then we have OSCE (clinical skill lab exam) and also laboratory exam.. Both of this exam will be held at every end of semesters.
Phewww.. Quite a lot to catch up huh.. But, don't get me wrong.. Although our schedule or timetables might look full and busy, actually we still got time to enjoy ourselves.. Hangout, shopping, chit chatting just like normal people did.. :D

doctors also gets sick like others sometimes..

People always ask me how my study so far.. I told them, I'm always busy with my study and at the same time, I joined society activities, and at the same time continuing my hobby.. Some people they ask, how does a medic student like us have time for things other than medic?

I said, it's not about what you takes, but it's about how you manage the things that you take.. I'm just a normal human being.. Doctors are normal human being too, sometimes we make mistakes, we feel sad, we feel happy, and we also needs some time to enjoy life.. So don't ever misjudge us because we live our life just like you do..!

So, to all medic students out there, don't be afraid, don't be stress, don't feel burden and don't give up because you are doing great. At the moment you chose this path, you had actually made up your mind and you do have booster in yourself. So find back your booster and recall why you chose medic at the first place.. InsyaAllah, if you put it on the right base, Allah will bless you with what you're doing now..

Be strong my dear friends.. Allah always there for you.. :)
Till then, all the best..!


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