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Monday, July 2, 2012

Hey peeps..!! Hope y'all having a great time..! =D

Today, just thought to share some sort of "curahan hati"..

My friend once did share this post on facebook, saying ;
"It's crazy when u can go months or years without talking to someone but they still cross your mind everyday"
Then, I said to that person, well it's actually all about your heart not your mind.. Because your heart is the one who keeps that person and your mind just reflects it~

Haha.. *how u know that ain??*

Owh, well, to be true, I used to be in this situation or maybe still being captured in this situation. Sometimes, I just got fed up with this feeling and feels like throwing away that person out of my life forever.. But, the harder I tried, I hurt myself much more..

" I thought you were done with that guy la sis..!" My brother once said this~ Then I told my brother, its not easy when you want to forget the feeling that you used to keep for one special person.
My brother replied. "what can you do? Just keep chanting that he was just an acquaintance once in life..!" Thinking about it, what my brother said was true~  

At one stage, you became miserable thinking of either to still putting hopes or just forget everything! Along the way, you just avoid and try not to be in awkward situation..!

There's a saying; "silence is a girl's loudest cry, and when she starts ignoring you, that means she's being hurt too much.." Well, this applied to myself..

Maybe I'm a bit disappointed that our friendship ended like this~
I've tried my best but you destroyed everything..!

All the best to you.. I've made up my decision, let's just go by flow.. May Allah shows both of us the right path and just let the time heal the wound.......

Maybe some people do hopes that both of us could be together again either as friend or something else but if these people keep on pushing me too hard, I might just break into pieces.. When that happens, I might just forget everything about you~

May you be blessed and happy with whoever you choose to be with~


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