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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yes, it's me..! I am me..!!

Hye dear brothers and sisters..!

Today, I'd just finished my 2nd semester of medicine study..! weehoooo..!!
Well, today, my entry will be about "Presenting Ourselves"

Everyone have their own specialty, interests, style, and something that they've been holding throughout this life.. Well, me myself also have something that I've been holding on and keep encouraging myself..!

Presenting ourselves?? *err.. what's this? what's this?*
In my opinion, it is all about how you express yourself in front of others~ You don't have to be hypocrite but I didn't mean that you can act like the way that you want.. Just be yourself but don't let it be too much..

I just love to be happy and by being happy, indirectly I can make other people happy when they're with me.. People will be comfortable to talk, be friend and share a lot of things. To be true, I'm a bit rough but doesn't mean people can't accept.. My friends just accept me as the way I am.. Because they knew me..! Learn to accept people as the way they are, then people will do the same to you..

I have my own principle, if I think what I did was right, I would just do it till the end.. People can only talk and judge but the one who were getting the risk, failure or success is yourself..! Be yourself and face the world.. Only then people will respect you.. Don't ever let people turn you down.. They have no right to do so~ =D



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