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Monday, June 11, 2012

Sultan Terengganu came to Makassar..!

Salam and hye dear readers..!
Hopefully y'all just fine and happy.. Smile a lot okay.. =)

Today's entry is actually about the "Lawatan Rasmi Sultan Terengganu ke Makassar"..
D.Y.M.M Sultan Mizan came to Makassar and visited us at Hasanuddin University.. It's such an honour..!
Well yes, I'm not from Terengganu but still it's not easy for you to meet someone that have a high ranking status of the country rite..? heheh

I shake hands with his wife and to be true she's so gorgeous..! If I were to have some time and being able to have some chit chat with her, I would have done that though.. =)

Well, let's just see some pictures I've got..!

Waiting for D.Y.M.M in front the hall
In front UNHAS Hospital

D.Y.M.M arrival

Warm welcome..

Me n 'girlfriends'...


Saying goodbye~ 

Actually, it feels warm to see delegates from Malaysia came and visited us here.. It's was really a pleasure.. =)


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