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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bakti Sosial Anak Malaysia..

Salam and hye dear readers..
What's up? =)

This time my blog entry will be about something interesting for medic students especially..
On 9th June ago, Malaysian student from Hasanuddin University held a program called BAKSOS (Bakti Sosial) with a theme "Sehati Seumah". Well, yes, it's a very good program because I learned a lot of things that I might not be able to learn at other places..

Here, we learn how 'sunatan' was done manually. We learned how to cut, sew, giving medicine and sterile all the equipments.. Everything was done manually.. Yeah.. I knew that the world had undergo globalization but like the old said, " learn from basic to go higher so that people hardly lie on you." haha.. what?? never mind, just ignore me~

Along the 'sunatan' process, you really have to be brave and cold-hearted person.. If not, the process could not be done.. I heard cryings, shouts, and some sort of histeria.. All these kid might have trauma or maybe too afraid about 'sunatan'. Well, it's normal right? So, just make them feel better and relax right before we start the process.

Done with story telling.. Let's check out some pictures~

Till we meet again..


Here we come..!

In front of the 'sunatan' hall
Well, this is the place..
Parents were waiting for their children..
Here are the materials.
Have fun..!

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