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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Deep down..

Salam and hye..
How are you dear readers? Hope that y'all just fine.. =)

Nothing much to tell.. Actually I'm going to share some story about "love".
Haha.. Don't get too excited..!
What do you really expect from this feeling? Happiness? Long-last promise?
As for me, love can be classified into few classes such as;
1- Love towards our Creator
2- Love towards our parents
3- Love towards our friends
4- Love towards teachers, guiders etc

Or love towards someone special at one side of your heart??

Depends on us how to classify and clarify it.. But if you do love someone, don't put your hopes too high, don't demand too much on it, and don't push it too hard..
I don't know why but I'm interested to share about this with y'all since I've been seeing too much pain that some people endure just for the one they loved..

It's true that when you love someone, you will be blind in some matter.. Remember, if you really have a boyfriend or girlfriend, they are not yet someone that's belong to you..! 
Therefore just keep it low..

To those guys out there, if you really have a girl that you like and would like her to be with you forever, just go and ask her hand in marriage.. That's what I called gentleman and I will highly respect you on that..!
Being gentleman doesn't mean by bringing your girl out at night, treat her for a dinner, kiss her hand every time before sending her back and whatsoever~~

As far as I knew, if a guy really love a girl, they will protect that girl and respect her dignity till the day of 'ijab & kabul'.. I'm not trying to give 'usrah' but it's just an opinion and just some piece of thoughts.. =)

It's not wrong for you to love or to be loved.. But my advice is, just keep it low and don't easily get over excited.. For girls, I suggest "cinta dalam diam" is a lot better..
Touch someone's heart with your prayers not with your physical.. =)

*The most important is put your love towards your Creator at the highest place. InsyaAllah, you will never regret that.*

May you all be blessed.. =)

Sparkling love~~

Sincerely ;
Nurulain Putra.

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