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Friday, June 1, 2012

My best BUDDIESSSS..!! =)

It feels nice though when your parents can become your best buddies..
You can share you thoughts, feelings, problems and all sorts of things..

Why I chose to share with them and not my friends..??
Because your parents will never betray you.. Every time I shared something, I felt better and I'm at ease because they really understand their daughter well..
Their advice helps me a lot because they'd been born earlier and they experienced this life a lot better than I am..
It's not that I don't have friends but sharing with friends wouldn't be the same as you shared with your parents..
"Ayah, you are awesome.. I'm proud to be your only one little daughter..!!"
"Mama, you are great.. It always feels warm whenever we have our chit chat together..!!"

At my age now, I felt happy when my mom and dad really understand me and helps me pull through this life.. They have been such a great listener and a great tutor for me..

"Ayah, every time I missed you, I regain my energy by listening to your songs, watching your music videos and all.." hehe.. To mama, "Every time I missed you and needs you, you always knew it.."
Everytime I missed both of you, I regain my strength and do better..! =D

Till the end of my life.. No one can ever replaced both of you..
Thank you Allah for lending them to me.. Blessed them always Ya Allah.. =)

sincerely ;
Nurulain Putra

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