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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My hobby..!

Salam and hye..!

Today, I want to share how my life had been all along as a medic student..

Who said medic student cannot have fun?
Who said medic student have no time to enjoy?
Who said medic student have no life?
Who said that medic student 24 hours with books?

I'm NOT totally accepting what people said.. But somehow, it's just their thoughts right?
So, it's up to them to believe..
As for me, I want to share how I managed my life as medic student..

Everything is within yourself, your spirit, believe, effort and especially your prayers.
You MUST and SHOULD managed your time perfectly. Have some back up plan for anything.
As for me, I can still continue with my hobbies along with my study. I still can enjoy my days with friends for some trips, outings and etc..
Some people can managed their days with timetables, some people just a "freestyler", do anything at anytime they feel to..

Alhamdulillah, I managed to start my hobby again..
It's SWIMMING..!!! weee~~~

 -freestyle- haha..

After taking so long to start again, I enjoyed it sooooo much..!  =D
For the first time after a few years didn't practice, I started with simple movement to strengthen my leg and hand movement again..
I miss to perform in this sport with freestyle, butterfly style, frog style, backstroke and etc swimming style..! I'm satisfied if I can master all those style again..!

"Ain, how can you have time to do all sorts of things since you are so busy with study, exam, assignment, student's association and all other stuff..??"

It's simple.. Depends on your ability and your spirit within yourself..! Find the thing that you treasured the most about yourself, then you will never think twice to make it happen..!

Be the first one who steps through and don't just always be the follower..
Make your dreams come true..! =)

All the best..

Nurulain Putra...

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