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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Everyday is a new day..

Hey peeps..! =)

Yes, now my post is about the DAYS that we've been through and will go through..
What makes your day happy? What makes you satisfied with your life?
What makes you feel blessed everyday? What makes you smile?

Actually to be true, there's no solid reason to make you happy.. Everything lies within yourself and your heart.. Prof Dr Muhaya once said, "Betulkan dunia dalaman kita, kemudian akan betullah juga dunia luaran kita.." What was that..??
'Dunia dalaman' means in our heart and our soul.. 'Dunia luaran' means our surroundings.. =)

Are you sure by being the best student can make u happy all along?
Are you sure by having a boyfriend can make u happy ever after?
Are sure by getting all the things u want can make you happy forever?

In my personal view, the true happiness comes with an open-heart in accepting everything that comes in your way either it is something good neither something bad.. If you can really coop up with any condition that comes to you, you will be blessed.. Because the less you complaining about what's happening in your life, the less your heart and mind hurt.
Try to be positive towards everything that comes in your way either it used to be your past or even your on the way future.
How to be an open-heart person..? How to be calm in any condition or circumstances..?

Easy.. Only Allah can gives you all that. That's why, always asked for serenity in your prayers.. When you calm, you can do, accept and go on with whatever happens..

 -Allah always there to hear our prayers and wishes-

There are some people with big houses, big cars, multiple million money in the bank, but still they couldn't feel the happiness.
And there are people with small house, only 1 or 2 dishes to eat but still they are the most happiest.

Allah is the most merciful and the most fair.. That's why.

Always remember Allah whether you are in your good times or hard times... Only Allah can turn your life and fate in a blink of eye..

Everyday is a new day.. Every time you wake up in the morning, say Alhamdulillah, say thank you to Allah for giving you opportunity again in this life to be a better person and also "BERSYUKUR" for all those "nikmat" that still being given to you.. =)


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