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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Life as medic student continues.....

I've been here in Makassar, Indonesia for almost 10 months.. But I don't know why it feels like I've been here for few years already.. For what..?? Continuing my medic degree of course..
Too many things I've been learning, experiencing and hoping for..
Through my days here, I was looking for my identity.. What I really wants in this life.. Just being a doctor and treat patient?
No.. I realized that it is not the only thing I want..
Now I realized, I'm actually walking alone to decide my life and grab what I really need and want.
Its true, I have my parents but my mom once said to me, "Ain, I can only pray and guide you but the one who's actually looking after you is Allah.." I'm blessed.. Alhamdulillah to Allah for showing me and letting me experiencing something new and also gives me chances to be a better person in this life..
To be a good doctor really needs me to have faith, build up positive thinking and build up my inner-strength.
To be true, in order to be a doctor, you really need to work hard n smartly, you must have high passion in this field and also high level of patience... And that's why you will always need Allah to be with you all the time.. <3

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