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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Malino, Makassar..

Throughout my days in Makassar.. I went for some trips with my friends and have fun..!
Here, check this out.. Our trip to MALINO...

Not really a good luck because it was raining on that day, but we still went there..
Me and friends didn't really sleep the night before because we were busy preparing 'kuih karipap'..
Haha.. Staying in Makassar might indirectly turn  me into a good housewife..! (*seriously)
Our journey took 4 hours form our rusun (rumah susun sederhana sewa).
Here are some pictures..
Ready for the journey early in the morning..!

Looks like 'Misteri Nusantara' place..! haha

See the waterfall behind?? Awesomeeeeee.. ! =)

Having good times.. =)

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