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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tanjung Bira, Makassar...

View from the top..

My runaway besties.. <3
Sunset view..

The blue ocean.. <3

On titanic-like ship.. haha


On our luch time..
People were having fun..
In the evening
See the moon??

Clear water..
On the way to snorkelling port

Crystal clear ocean.. <3

Snorkelling time!
This was my best "runaway vacation" ever.. haha.. =D
Memories to remember.. A lot of new things I'd experienced.. Awesome..!!
This is the place that we called Tanjung Bira.. Famous place among the tourists.. 
So do come here for your vacation okayh.. hehe~~
*credits to my two besties; amalrosli n lynaridzuan* <3

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