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Friday, October 4, 2013

Stronger than ever..

Salam.. Hellooooooo ladiess..!!

Today, I would like to remind all of you about our wills and how strong we could be.
Have you ever imagine how great a woman could be when woman can give birth, they can be the spirit of the husband, become a tough mother and etc....

When I came to think of this, I'm proud to be a woman. And that's whyyyyy I'm reminding myself to be stronger than ever. Whatever came to break you into pieces, hold up and fight!

If you fall, pick up the pieces and built yourself.. you could be greater and stronger! :D

Don't ever forget to pray to Allah and seek for Allah's forgiveness. May us be bless dear sisters..

To the guys, here's a quote for all of you..

"You can break a woman momentarily but real women will pick up the pieces and built herself, then she will become stronger than ever."

Till then, happy weekends.. :)


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